Be The Astronaut

Premiering in Spring/Summer of 2014 – locations to be announced. Contact us to be reserve a date for your institution!

COMING SOON: Our next project, Be the Astronaut, takes everything that we have learned from our experience with Be the Dinosaur and brings it to the next levels of immersion, physical environment and education through interactive storytelling.

BE THE ASTRONAUT: Fly the Spaceship of tomorrow, today!

The design of “Be the Astronaut” sends visitors on a character and story driven educational adventure to the edges of the solar system – and beyond!

“Be the Astronaut” is focused on the broad concepts of space travel and exploration as we enter a new era, while also discussing the historical missions that have developed and expanded the field. The primary educational goals of the exhibit will be to present the underlying scientific principles mankind will need to master, in addition to examining natural wonders that humans will experience as our species expands its horizons.  Primary objectives for the exhibit will be focused on informing and immersing visitors in the Science, Technology, Education and Math that supports these grand endeavors. In doing so it becomes an entirely different form of space exhibit – one that can stand on its own or form a powerful counterpart to historical displays.

Eureka Exhibits is ideally positioned to deliver the next generation of this unique blend of education and entertainment. As creators of the groundbreaking “Be the Dinosaur” exhibit, we have demonstrated our ability to seamlessly blend traditional exhibit components with a state of the art simulation experience. “Be the Dinosaur” has been touring throughout the U.S. and Canada since 2008, and has continued to draw rave reviews and crowds of appreciative museum visitors. “Be the Astronaut” promises to take this innovative exhibit design philosophy to new heights, literally and figuratively.

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