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How Kids Learn

The Video Game Generation

Challenges and Opportunities

“How do we reach a generation of kids who have never known a day without Xbox, Game Boy and a hundred channels?” One of the great challenges of informal education in modern society is finding ways to engage an audience constantly bombarded with numerous on-demand entertainment options. We compete with hundreds of television channels, handheld and console video games, and the universally accessible content rich world of the Internet.

“Recent research studies are proving what many of us have quietly suspected all along – our children are actually learning new ways to learn when they spend hour after hour with their Game Boy, PlayStation, Xbox, or other video game console. Just imagine what it must be like for this generation to go from complexity, immersion, and hands-on interactivity of The Sims to a classroom lecture.” – Clark Aldrich, Simulations and the Future of Learning

An Incredible Story

“Empowering Ethiopian Kids with Technology – Given Tablets But No Teachers, Ethiopian Kids Teach Themselves”