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Apollo Motion Rides

Delight your exhibit visitors and put a grin on their faces

Eureka Exhibits’ motion platform rides enhance the overall visitor experience and are designed to be low-maintenance.

Celebrate the history and future of lunar exploration with our new Apollo Lunar Lander & Apollo Rover. 

    • High definition 3D graphic simulations, combined with a motion seat system that does not require a dedicated staff member   
    • Components of high quality and reliability
    • Available for rental along with “Be the Astronaut”, or for purchase: contact us to discuss! 
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Full motion lunar lander

Take control of a realistic Apollo lunar module and prepare for final descent and landing! Not a ride-film but a fully interactive simulator built using NASA data, visitors will step into the boots of Neil Armstrong as they pilot the Eagle down to Tranquility Base! The simulator cabin moves – rises and drops, tilts and jolts – creating the most realistic lunar landing experience that you can have while still in earth’s gravitational field! 

Apollo Lunar Rover

Hop aboard an Apollo Lunar Rover and drive it across a lunar terrain re-created using NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data! Experience an adventure that takes visitors across the Moon’s surface to the locations of discoveries made during the missions of Apollo 15 and 17 as the realistic Lunar Rover Cabinet tilts, dips and rises in concert with the on-screen action!