Be The Astronaut

Be the Astronaut premiered at Space Center Houston to record breaking crowds and teaches STEM-based content via a fusion of state-of-the art video game technology and traditional exhibitry.

 The focus of the exhibit is on the concepts common to all space flight and so uses the narrative of a possible future space mission, as opposed to any particular historic mission, as the framework to communicate these ideas.

Be the Astronaut Premiere at Space Center Houston by the numbers –

  • Total attendance was 224,461
  • Oct. 62,595 – Best Oct. in history
  • Nov. 65,802 – Best Nov. in history
  • Dec. 85,936 – Best Dec. in history
  • Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday-Sunday) 14,652 – Best 4 day Thanksgiving weekend in history
  • Dec. 26-31 42,592 – Best final 7 days of Dec. in history

 The medium of the video game, as exemplified here by the system of games and simulations that make up the core of the Be the Astronaut exhibit, speaks powerfully to adults and especially children. Video games are compelling precisely because they are a fun way to learn but in most video games, the learning is trivial — How many coins do you need for an extra life? How far does this laser rifle shoot? — but in our games the learning is real and integral to gameplay. The best games balance the possibility of failing with the reward of achievement and the satisfaction of success.

 In the exhibit, visitors learn about the challenges and excitement of spaceflight — then apply that knowledge as they fly the spaceships, pilot the landers, and drive the rovers, in a thrilling narrative adventure to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, Ceres, and Jupiter.