Be the Astronaut

Learn about the challenges and excitement of spaceflight — then complete a mission in a virtual spacecraft from Earth orbit, to the Moon, Mars, Ceres & Jupiter


Eureka Exhibits collaborated extensively with experts at numerous NASA research centers to create Be the Astronaut - a realistic simulation of outer space travel and exploration, and a unique STEM learning experience designed for museums and science centers.

Kids (of all ages) have fun … while the impetus to win creates an incentive to learn. This format provides a vastly different experience from any classroom or home entertainment device.

Combining Eureka Exhibits’ proprietary gaming technology with realistic and accurate 3D video imagery and simulations generated from NASA data, Be the Astronaut will amaze your audience.

“I love this approach. It is new and will be better than a history-oriented exhibit at inspiring a new generation to look boldly to the future and to humanity’s destiny to become a multi-planet species, both for survival and for fulfillment.”

— Dr. Steven P. Sandford, Member of the "Be the Astronaut" Advisory Panel and Director of the Space Technology and Exploration Group, NASA.

Celebrate the history and future

of lunar exploration

with additional features to inform and impress your visitors

full exhibit.jpeg

modular exhibit design

Be the Astronaut can fit almost any exhibition space, with a combination of modular forms and three stations - NAV, SCI, & FLY.

Build a myriad of adventures at any venue with Eureka's unique modular building system, featuring lightweight, sturdy “building blocks”.

Captivate your audience

Be the Astronaut fuses STEM-based content, state-of-the art video game technology and traditional exhibitry.

Apply the knowledge you acquire in the exhibit as you fly spaceships, pilot landers, and drive rovers in a thrilling narrative adventure!


A promo video for the premiere of Be the Astronaut at Space Center Houston.