We haven’t been able to close on time since this exhibit opened!

Visitors don’t want to stop playing!

— Matt Parbs

Director, The Sawmill Museum

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“Through The Sawmill Museum's rafting exhibit, we had a chance to work with the Eureka team. Design and development process was fun. We hoped to achieve something that would capture the attention of all ages-- which we accomplished. We started our relationship with Eureka in 2016, and three years later, we are still in regular communication. As a small museum, it's appreciated because we don't have an exhibits person. So, it's nice to know that we weren't a project to be completed, but rather, they have just as much pride as we do in the exhibit, so we stay in communication.”

- Matt Parbs, Director, The Sawmill Museum

For a new generation of museum visitors, (Gen X, Gen Y, and beyond), the integration of computers in museum exhibits is not only preferred, it is expected… and ‘Be the Dinosaur’ delivered in a big way!
— Jessica R. Evans, Marketing and Exhibits Manager, ETSU/Gen. Shale Brick Natural History Museum
I wanted to thank you for choosing the Imaginarium as the debut location for Be the Dinosaur. The staff and board at the Museum were extremely pleased with the performance and display of the exhibit both in customer reaction and attendance.
— Matt Johnson, General Manager, City of Fort Myers Cultural Attractions and Historic Sites
Your pieces were engaging, constantly in use and appealing to all ages. Be the Dinosaur was a real winner.
— Dr. Deborah Edwards Barnhart, CEO and Executive Director, U.S. Space and Rocket Center
Be the Dinosaur was a perfect fit for our museum’s audience, supplying engaging interactive technology, a wealth of scientific information collected by experts in the field of Paleontology, and an unforgettable learning experience. I highly recommend Be the Dinosaur and would undoubtedly host this exhibit or other Eureka exhibits again in the future.
— Jessica R. Evans, Marketing and Exhibits Manager, ETSU/Gen. Shale Brick Natural History Museum
Be the Dinosaur was incredibly popular with both kids and adults - it was amazing to see how involved visitors of all ages got with the simulation. Compared to traditional fossil-display dinosaur exhibits, I think visitors came away from Be the Dinosaur with a much more dynamic view of dinosaurs as living organisms interacting with their environment and each other.
— Doug John, Curator, Western Science Center
It was an attractive popular exhibit that held up well for its run here. I hated to see it leave.
— Lois Shaffer, Rochester Museum and Science Center
Teachers were thrilled by the sheer volume of information presented in the touch screen kiosks and by the eagerness of their students to find clues to help them in the simulation experience.
— Jessica R. Evans, Marketing and Exhibits Manager, ETSU/Gen. Shale Brick Natural History Museum
The Be the Dinosaur Exhibit was phenomenal! No detail was spared. I don’t know who had more fun, the staff or the visitors! The educational content was superb and the best part was that young and old alike learned about science in a hands-on way.
— Jennifer Holt, Director of Education, "Queen of Discovery", GWIZ - The Science Museum
[I once saw] a 70-year-old man going to town [on a Be the Dinosaur simulator] dressed in khaki paleontologist-style clothing with a matching hat. The more you play it, the more you learn. It’s very educational, and the kids don’t even realize they’re learning.
— RaChanda Wade, Docent, U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Debut of Be the Astronaut at Space Center Houston