Innovative. Flexible. Interactive.

Turn passive observers into active participants! Treat visitors to an engaging, active experience - an unparalleled combination of learning+entertainment.

Eureka Exhibits’ range of virtual experiences are unique in the exhibit world, combining highly realistic simulations with learning and fun. They can be delivered through our interactive kiosks, in combination with motion platforms, or inside any other physical housing - such as tablets or touchscreens.

They’re designed to work as standalone exhibits, or to complement other exhibits (outer space, astronauts, fossils, paleontology, etc.) in any exhibition space.

Modular exhibit & display system

Transform any exhibition space with Eureka Exhibits’ patented “building block” system.

Build a myriad of structures in a range of colors with these lightweight, durable, and sturdy components - made in the USA from all recycled materials.

Eureka Exhibits’ “building blocks”

Eureka Exhibits’ “building blocks”


Interactive kiosks and simulator pods

FLY capsule.jpeg

NAV, SCI & FLY stations

the individual stations of “Be the Astronaut”

  • NAV - “Celestial navigation”, a touchscreen kiosk that teaches concepts of astronomy and

  • SCI - “Science and technology”, a touchscreen kiosk that teaches about the machines and innovations that allow human beings to live and stay healthy in outer space

  • FLY - Pilot virtual space vehicles, including spaceships, landers and rovers, with 14 different possible missions in a future journey to the Moon, Mars, Ceres & Jupiter


Apollo Space Program

Missions Kiosk

  • experience each of the Apollo missions, through an interactive touch-screen kiosk

  • featuring NASA footage of actual mission events


Be the Dinosaur

simulator pod

“the closest you’ll ever get to a safari in a late Cretaceous ecosystem!”

Explore the latest scientific theories while encountering AI dinosaurs in their natural environment.

Motion platform interactive games

From dinosaur rivers to lunar rovers, to a log raft adventure down a raging river, give your visitors a thrilling experience and add a fresh new dimension of entertainment to your exhibit.

Combining an interactive game with a multi-directional motion platform, these are designed to operate fully without an attendant and with minimal maintenance. 100% fun, 0% hassle and down time!

Dinosaur River Ride

Dinosaur River Ride

Apollo Lunar Rover

Apollo Lunar Rover

Footage from Eureka Exhibits’ simulation of the Apollo Lunar Rover

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