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Be the Dinosaur is “the closest you’ll ever get to a safari in a late Cretaceous ecosystem!”

- Dr. John Hutchinson

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Be the Dinosaur

Simulator Pod


Enhance your existing dinosaur/fossil/paleontology exhibit, or add a new and exciting visitor attraction!

Engage your audience with a new experience:
to *be* a dinosaur.

  • High-Definition visuals

  • Rugged and attractive cabinet constructed with eco-friendly materials. Customizable color and other options.

  • Intuitive and durable controls. Control options for young and old, and the disabled.

  • Modular seating unit can be removed for smaller areas and wheelchair access.

  • Adjustable seat to accommodate visitors of all sizes and ages.

  • World-class panel of expert advisors from the fields of paleontology, biomechanics, paleobotany and interactive entertainment. (Read more about Be the Dinosaur)

  • Available for purchase - contact Eureka Exhibits for more information.

Our visitors have enjoyed utilizing the state-of-the-art technology that deeply immerses them in the experience of being a dinosaur.
Be the Dinosaur offers scientifically accurate information in a way that is truly engaging to visitors of all ages, and we commend [Eureka Exhibits] for producing a high quality experience.
— Gail Becker, Director, Louisville Science Center

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