Drive a Lunar Rover

just like Apollo astronauts

Fifty years after the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions (1971 and 1972), your visitors can hop aboard an Apollo Lunar Rover and drive it across a lunar terrain re-created using NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data.

Experience an adventure that takes visitors across the Moon’s surface to the locations of discoveries made during those Apollo missions as the realistic Lunar Rover Cabinet tilts, dips and rises in concert with the on-screen action!

  • A game featuring narration and high definition 3D graphic simulations — combined with a seat system that moves in three different directions, coinciding with the motion on the screen.

  • A low maintenance system made of high quality components, designed to function continuously without a dedicated staff member.

  • Available as part of Be the Astronaut travelling exhibit, or as a standalone item for purchase.

  • Contact Eureka Exhibits for more information.

Full-Motion Lunar Rover Simulator test