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Dino River Ride

New from Eureka Exhibits!

 Join renowned paleontologist Dr. John Hutchinson on an exciting and educational full-motion adventure down a raging Cretaceous River filled with dinosaurs and danger!

Get a glimpse into what dinosaur behavior might have been by paddling your way through a herd of triceratops as they take their morning drink, navigating a migrating flock of hadrosaurs, and fighting your way past the domain of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex as well as shooting rapids, dodging rocks and plummeting over waterfalls!

  • High definition graphics and video game technology

  • Dinosaurs, animal behaviors and plant life all reconstructed from the fossil record and scientific investigations.

  • Using Eureka’s motion-base technology - combining a seat system that moves in three

  • High quality interactivity and components, designed to be attendant-free and with minimal maintenance. 100% fun, 0% hassle!

  • Available for purchase or as part of Be the Dinosaur travelling exhibit. 

  • Contact Eureka Exhibits for more information