In an era of limitless entertainment options, museums, science centers and other informal learning venues have to work hard to stay edgy and relevant.

Eureka Exhibits specializes in delivering the kinds of interactive experiences that today’s visitors demand. Our exhibits give visitors the opportunity to be active participants - rather than passive observers.

Whether it’s dinosaurs, outer space, or historic log raft adventures, every visitor has a unique and engaging experience.

Fun and learning? Check. Repeat customers? Check.

Designed for your needs & budget

Our products, services and travelling exhibits feature high quality components and innovative content - designed with and approved by leading scientists, engineers, academics and interactivity experts.

Our designs are flexible and customizable, suiting small to large exhibition spaces. Setup is quick and easy - meaning more active time for your venue.

In fact, we created our own patented, modular display system because no venue is alike (and every venue presents challenges).

And we understand the budget limitations of non-profit organizations. Eureka Exhibits has affordability down to a science.


The magic of museums

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that museums and science centers impart a spark of discovery, imbue a sense of wonder, and cultivate learning and curiosity.

Eureka’s exhibit experiences are designed for, and only found at, these and other institutions of informal learning. For over a decade, our exhibits have been featured at dozens of venues, and experienced by millions of visitors in North America.

Uniquely, Eureka Exhibits unites the digital gaming technology with museum learning experiences. You can’t find our games on an Xbox or PlayStation; they’re offered exclusively at museums, science centers and other informal learning venues.


Turn your vision into reality.

Eureka Exhibits works with you to design and deliver spectacular experiences for your visitors and for your organization, both on time and at budgets that other firms can’t match.