thrill and amaze your visitors with Eureka Exhibits' interactive game motion platforms

Pilot a lunar lander to the Moon, then drive a lunar rover on its surface!

Take a trip down a raging river filled with dinosaurs and danger.

See how many logs make it down the Mississippi to the sawmill!

Fun for visitors! A game featuring narration and high definition 3D graphic simulations, combined with a seat system that moves in three different directions, coinciding with the motion on the screen.

…but no headaches for staff! A low maintenance system made of high quality components, designed to function continuously without a dedicated staff member.

Apollo Lunar Rover

Apollo Lunar Rover

Hop aboard an Apollo Lunar Rover and drive it across a lunar terrain re-created using NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data! Experience an adventure that takes visitors across the Moon’s surface to the locations of discoveries made during the missions of Apollo 15, 16 and 17 as the realistic Lunar Rover Cabinet tilts, dips and rises in concert with the on-screen action!

Apollo Lunar Rover

Apollo Lunar Lander

Take control of a realistic Apollo lunar module and prepare for final descent and landing! Not a ride-film but a fully interactive simulator built using NASA data, visitors will step into the boots of Neil Armstrong as they pilot the Eagle down to Tranquility Base! The simulator cabin moves – rises and drops, tilts and jolts – creating the most realistic lunar landing experience that you can have while still in earth’s gravitational field!

BtD DinosaurRiverRide.png

Dinosaur River Ride

Join renowned paleontologist Dr. John Hutchinson on an exciting and educational full-motion adventure down a raging Cretaceous River filled with dinosaurs and danger!

Get a glimpse into what dinosaur behavior might have been by paddling your way through a herd of triceratops as they take their morning drink, navigating a migrating flock of hadrosaurs, and fighting your way past the domain of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex as well as shooting rapids, dodging rocks and plummeting over waterfalls!

High definition graphics and video game technology, dinosaurs, animal behaviors and plant life all reconstructed from the fossil record and scientific investigations.


Log Raft Adventure Ride

Ride with Captain Coates down the churning Mississippi on a log raft, using oars to navigate the river. See how many logs you can deliver to the sawmill, while the you rise, sink and move with the water

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