"The Year of Space" - Visit Be the Astronaut in Ft. Myers, Florida

This fall - and until January 12 - visit The Imag and check out Be the Astronaut - a truly interactive exhibit and experience designed for museums and science centers.

As this news article says:

Experience the wonders of space without leaving the ground [!]

The Imag was the premiere venue for Eureka Exhibits’ first exhibit, Be the Dinosaur. Given that this is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Matt Johnson, Executive Director of The Imag, says this is “the year of space” and a great occasion to feature Be the Astronaut.

Johnson explains in the Coastal Breeze News:

It is our hope that families and children of all ages will come here and let their imaginations soar. This exhibit includes several dramatic, interactive stations that allow our visitors to learn basic concepts about our solar system, space travel, gravity, and more.

Johnson also notes: “This is the way NASA astronauts learn. They learn using simulators.”

And we can’t agree more with Shelby Baucom, Deputy Director of the IMAG, who said:

This exhibit is designed to not only educate IMAG visitors on the challenges and reality of space travel, but hopefully inspire a new crop of budding scientists to consider viable career paths in science and technology-related fields that will help shape our nation’s future.

Our own Keith Feinstein says in the Ft. Myers News-Press

There’s an incredible amount of work that went into [Be the Astronaut]. You’re taking information from real rocket scientists, and you’re turning it into something accessible to anyone that walks into the museum.


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