Apollo 50th Anniversary

Eureka Exhibits is honored to have been chosen by NASA to provide a special edition of our groundbreaking Be the Astronaut exhibit as part of the official celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Space Program.

A celebration that will honor the triumphs and challenges of the program – from the monumental efforts that led to the First Landing of Apollo 11 through the breathless whirlwind of Apollo 13 on through the mounting scientific achievements of the following landings to the triumph of international cooperation displayed in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project that set the stage for international cooperation in space.

BtA-50 not only includes a special version of the blockbuster exhibit that drew record crowds at Space Center Houston, the San Diego Air & Space Museum and more but spectacular new additions that Bring the wonder and adventure of space down to earth for your visitors to enjoy


What is Be The Astronaut?

Be the Astronaut is a world-class exhibit experience that teaches STEM based content via a fusion of physical exhibitry and state-of-the-art video game technology. Designed with NASA to ensure accuracy and integrity, the exhibit teaches visitors about the concepts, challenges, and excitement of spaceflight, through the use of touch-screen stations, artifacts, and interactive simulator pods built to look like space capsules.



EUREKA EXHIBITS holds scientific integrity at the highest level. Be the Astronaut has been developed with the ongoing collaboration of our distinguished advisory panel. We sought advisors within related fields who care about humanity’s future in space and who would like to help inspire visitors.

Dr. Steven P. Sandford
– Director of the Space Technology & Exploration
– Group, NASA-Langley

Daniel D. Mazanek
– Senior Space Systems Engineer,
– NASA-Langley Research Center

Dr. Charles Behre
– Chief Engineer & Lead Scientist, Excelis-ITT,
– GPS Navigation & Satellite systems

David S. Portree
– Science Journalist,
– WIRED Magazine

Hardy Spire
– Senior Producer

Alicia Dwyer Cianciolo
– Aerospace Engineer, NASA-Langley Research
– Center. Member of the Entry, Descent and
– Landing Team – Mars Curiosity Rover

Dr. John Hutchinson
– Director of the Structure & Motion Lab,
– University of London

Kathleen Kelly
– Managing Director, Digital Delivery,
– Ogilvy & Mather

Josh Kessler
– Project Manager,
– COSI-Columbus

Dr. James Head
– Professor of Geological Sciences,
– Brown University. Co-investigator on
– NASA Messenger Mission to Mercury,
– NASA Moon Mineralogy Mission, & ESA
– Mars Express spacecraft.

Mr. Paul Spana
– xhibits Manager,
– Space Center Houston

Jim Hull
– Manager, Exhibits and Artifacts
– Office of Communications
– NASA Headquarters

Maureen Ryan O’Brien
– Manager, Strategic Alliances
– Office of Communications
– NASA Headquarters

Julian Morris
– Executive Director
– International Center for Law and Economics

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