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Eureka Exhibits is an industry leader in dedicated interactive gaming software and exhibits designed specifically for use in informal education settings. We offer a range of client services from software development and unique interactive experiences to traditional exhibit design and fabrication. We have worked with clients in science, history, and children’s museums as well as zoos, public schools, and other community service organizations. Our mission is to expand the role of gaming style interactive technology as a tool for educators. These exhibits engage the primary educational audience of 8-18 year olds in ways that traditional exhibits simply cannot match. Let us help with your next project!

We like to think of video games, as a medium, from the historical perspective of television in the late 1960′s. While television had been around for some time, the vast majority of programming available was purely for entertainment. While there were some early efforts to introduce educational programming, these efforts were often poorly conceived and did not fully utilize the capabilities of the medium. Television was much maligned as a negative cultural influence, and the educational potential of the medium was not highly regarded to say the least.

That all began to change in 1968 with the announcement of a new organization called Children’s Television Workshop, now known as Sesame Workshop. These pioneers began production of the ground breaking Sesame Street series and related programming. Notably, the first producer of Sesame Street, David Connell, is remembered for requiring a guarantee that education and entertainment would never be separate elements of the program.

We make the same guarantee of education and entertainment in our gaming software, and hope to provide impetus for a similar recognition of the potential of this medium.

The founding partners of Eureka Exhibits have decades of game design and development experience reaching back to the pioneering days of video games in the 1970s. We first entered the museum world in the 1990′s with exhibits and consultancy focused on integrating the interactivity that children and young adults expect, with the educational content that museums demand.

“Be the Dinosaur”, our first in house project to showcase the fully conceived “video game as an exhibit” approach, blends traditional dinosaur exhibit elements with the world’s first accurately rendered multi-player Cretaceous simulation. It has toured museums throughout the U.S. and Canada since 2008. Our next in house project, “Be the Astronaut” launched to blockbuster crowds at Space Center Houston.